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Ines Al-Degheidy en fuite pour ses propos contre l'ordre moral?

Publié par nicoducaire sur 19 Septembre 2008, 00:05am

Catégories : #Egypte, #LGBTQI, #Cinéma

"Inas Al-Degheidy’s escape from Egypt in Ramadan

The bold director Inas Al-Degheidy responded to some of her close friends’ advice and left Cairo to stay in her apartment in London with her daughter till the end of Ramadan and to return on Bayram.

 Al-Degheidy made sure before travelling to stress on the fact that the reason behind her trip is to be there beside her daughter who studies in a university in London.

 While the truth -according to some of her friends- is her wish to get away from Cairo now after she’d been vigorously attacked in many newspapers and satellite channels because of her recent statements in the TV program “Dedd Al-Tayar” (Againt the Stream) in which she said that she doesn’t mind the complete nudity in her movies affirming that what’s keeping her from achieving that is the censorship.

 She also added that she’s totally against the censorship and hopes for the day when this “intransigent sector” would be cancelled so that she can accomplish her dream.

 Furthermore, Al-Degheidy said that she completely accepts homosexuality, as well as attacking the veil and all veiled women, either from the artistic field or out of it.

 She didn’t stop there, but the controversial director solicited audaciously in an interview to the website of Al-Arabia channel the Egyptian authorities to allow brothels’ licensing, permitting all prostitution activities and to re-new the licenses of the prostitutes annually after being subjected to medical examinations confirming they’re diseases free.

 Of course, Al-Degheidy didn’t expect such a strong and violent attack, not only from Islamists and lawyers but from the artistic field as well. So she couldn’t find a way but leave Egypt in this period of time till this stormy attack on her ends."

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