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Thousands demonstrate at Cairo University

Publié par nico sur 2 Novembre 2006, 17:35pm

Catégories : #Egypte

Thousands of Muslim Brotherhood and leftist students are demonstrating at the Cairo University campus in Giza, protesting state security’s hassels against opposition candidates running for the student union elections.

The list of candidates certified to run in the elections should have been announced by 3pm. As of the time of writing, it hasn’t. The student activists smelt a fish, expecting the delay to be related to the security going through the names, putting their final touch, and eleminating names of political activists. Demonstrations broke out on campus. The university gate has been reportedly smashed. The students are currently on a sit in, waiting for the lists to be publicized.

The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression has issued a statement denouncing security violations against students in Helwan, Ain Shams and Cairo universities.

UPDATE: The lists were announced sometime after 8pm. About 200 Muslim Brothers were banned by security, according to a MB student I spoke to over the phone. Demonstrations broke out, and the students tried to go out on the streets, only to be met by the Central Security Forces. The troops clashed with protestors violently at the gates of the university. The standoff ended around 9:30pm.

UPDATE: Click on the picture below to see a slideshow by Nasser Nouri (http://www.flickr.com/photos/elhamalawy/sets/72157594356338919/show/)…

CSF troops assault student protestors outside Cairo University (Photo by Nasser Nouri)

UPDATE: I’ve uploaded more pix, taken by Amr Abdallah…

CSF troops outside Cairo University (Photo by Amr Abdallah)

UPDATE: The AFTEE has issued another statement denouncing the security forces’ assaults on students.


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