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Demonstrators say judicial independence key to democracy

Publié par nico sur 18 Novembre 2006, 12:45pm

Catégories : #Egypte

Un article du Daily Star sur la manif d'hier en soutien aux juges... Assez décevant, à peu près autant de journalistes que de manifestants (30), des centaines de policiers bien sûr... Enfin au moins ya pas eu de dérapages....

"Opposition group Kefaya called for a demonstration in support of judicial independence on Friday, to coincide with a meeting of the Judges syndicate. Only 30 people attended the demonstration.

“People are afraid,” said Kefaya member Ahmed Abdel Latif.

“If we do anything, state security will come and attack us.”

The judges met to begin contentious discussions on the proper allocation of syndicate funds. Critics accuse the Minister of Justice, Mamdouh Marei, of manipulating spending to keep the judicial branch under the control of the presidency and parliament, both dominated by the National Democratic Party of President Hosni Mubarak.

According to Amr Adel, a member of the officially unapproved Wasat Party, the stakes for Egypt are high.

“Parliament and the Presidency are working together to try to keep the judges under control, but there must be a separation between the government and any one party. Without freedom for the judges there can be no democracy in Egypt.”

By Liam Stack"


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