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Cultures et societes en Egypte et dans le monde arabe - Arab and Egyptian cultures and societies

Excellent reportage sur d'ancien.nes prisonnier.es Arabes en Israel

Publié par Al Jazeera sur 6 Août 2012, 13:41pm

Catégories : #Monde Arabe, #Cinéma

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Beyond the Walls


We follow Arabs released from Israeli jails as they attempt to adapt to their new lives on the outside.
Filmmaker: Ahmed Adnan al-Ramahi

"Nothing is harsher than imprisonment. It's the cruelest form of torture."
former Palestinian prisoner

This film tells the story of Arab and Palestinian captives who were detained in Israeli jails and how they had to adapt to a new life after their release.

Upon release, the prisoners faced a number of difficulties adjusting to a new life of freedom, albeit within an occupied territory.

They explain their mixed feelings about the changes in society and the political landscape experienced upon being released from the day-to-day monotony of prison life.


Beyond the Walls contains beautifully-filmed interviews and novel graphics to provide a moving portrait of the interviewees and the emotions and feelings they are describing.


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