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La Révolution ne s'arrête pas là!

Publié par nicoducaire sur 21 Février 2011, 15:45pm

Catégories : #Egypte

Tuesday - The Day Of Challenge ...


We call on all Egyptians to join us in Tahrir Square on Tuesday, 22 of February, in our demonstration for the implementation of the demands of ou revolution....

-Acquitting the current government.

-Abolition of the Emergency law.

- The Release of all Detainees.

-The formation of a presidential council, including civilians, and fair judges.

- Retribution of all the media figures that have contributed in killing our martyrs.

-Acquiting the state security apparatus and restructuring of the Ministry of Interior as well as all of the NDP headquarters

-Forming a new technocratic government .

-ِAquitting the government led by Ahmed Shafik, which includes the foul faces that have a history of corruption such as Mufid Shehab \ Aisha Abdel Hadi \ Faiza Abu Naga \ Sameh Fahmi \ Ali Meselhi \ Mahmoud Wagdy, to be dismissed and Mhakthm and the formation of a new technocratic government.

Technocratic government: is a specialized government , which doesn't belong to any party,this government is used in the case of political differences.

Our revolution and struggle will continue until we achieve all our demands.

The revolution is not finished yet...

April 6 Youth announce that there will be another demonstration on Friday the 25th and a sit-in in Tahrir Square on Friday until the implementation of our demands.

Youth April 6
Egyptian Resistance Movement

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