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Les Jeunes du 6 Avril appellent à voter 'NON' aux amendements constitutionnels

Publié par nicoducaire sur 16 Mars 2011, 19:09pm

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Communiqué du Mouvement des Jeunes du 6 Avril:


"April 6 Youth Movement Declares Its Rejection Of Constitutional Amendments...

Few days remaining for voting on proposed constitutional amendments on March 19, when there is a controversy over the participation or boycott and rejecting the amendments or approval.

April 6 Movement declares its final clear opinion by participating in the referendum on the constitutional amendments, but with the assertion that this participation comes with a full rejection of these amendments, and our merits rejection is limited in the number of points we have come up without an answer.

Our major points on the amendments are being linked, if approved by citizens in the referendum, will bring life to the flawed constitution of 1971, which lost its legitimacy the great revolution of January 25.
And this Constitution, as we all know does not fit at all, to establish a genuine democratic transition and that in its current form, which did not extend to it by these amendments.

As there was no modifications or changes has been made to the points concerning the powers of the president or the parliament or the judiciary and accounting point of the President and the marginalization of the judiciary and its lack of full independence.

It becomes more serious when we read carefully the text of the constitutional amendment that talks about the fact that the President and the Parliament after the elections, have to form a constituent organization for the formulation of a new Egyptian constitution, and there is a text that says: (the President (with the approval of the Council of Ministers) and Parliament has the right to form a constituent organization if they agreed to do that and it is not a must)!

That means, we - in the case of approval of these amendments - may actually elect an honest election for president and parliament... But they remain behind the same powers without changing the Constitution with the defective stuff with creating reasons to delay (the idea) of establishing new constitution for years and years.

There are also a lot of suspicious points on the other core texts of the proposed amendments, where there was an amendment to Article 77 of the 1971 Constitution which has lost the legitimacy, which specifies that the presidential term is 4 years, renewable only once.
Still there is an Article 190 which have not been put up for amendment or cancellation, which provides for the expiration of the current President of the Republic upon the expiry of six years from the date of his election as President of the Republic! As well as those related to Article 175, which carries a blatant discriminatory content against the Egyptians with dual nationalities that they have no right to run for the presidency, despite the fact that the Egyptian laws are considered them citizens with full rights of citizenship, without detraction. Therefore we find ourselves in front of amendments that impair the rights of citizenship for citizens with dual nationality or those who are married to foreign women.

What guilt that 5 million Egyptians have committed...? What is the guilt of all those to be forbidden - they and their children - forever the honor of running for president? Even if they give up their nationality the deprivation continues?

Add to this the other points on the formulation of collective voting on the amendments without giving us the right to vote in the form of separate point (ie approval or rejection of each article separately).

Add to this, the presence of many objections by the forces of the Egyptian people and the different shades of the amendments as it did not come close to important things clearly, such as freedom to form political parties and mass media and censorship.

In addition to time that was given to discuss was very short and contrary to the promise of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, who promised to put amendments for discussion at least a month if not more, which did not happen.

So, no there is no legitimacy except for the Revolution, we will not accept a constitution fell and overturned the legitimacy and discontinued..! Because we want a real democratically constitution which guarantees freedoms of its citizens, Constitution that separates the powers and establishes the State of citizenship.
The solution now is the declaration of provisional constitutional, for all of this.

April 6 youth Movement calls all the Egyptian people to participate in the referendum and vote with "NO", vote "No" to these inadequate and altered amendments, and confirm that we ask the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to work on forming a presidential council and a committee co-founders to draft a new constitution for the country suitable for the legitimacy of revolution.

April 6 Youth Movement
Egyptian Resistance Movement"

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