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Pour la libération des prisonniers politiques en Egypte!!

Publié par nicoducaire sur 16 Février 2011, 13:51pm

Catégories : #Egypte

La révolution est passée, mais des centaines de personnes restent détenues dans les prisons égyptiennes, et les bourreaux de la Sécurité d'Etat restent impunis....

Un appel du Mouvement des Jeunes du 6 Avril à ce sujet:


"April 6 Youth Movement calls on the Egyptian armed forces to speed up the release of political detainees who were arrested in the era of the former regime, as well as the immediate release of all detainees who participated in the uprising of January 25th.

The sources inside the armed forces had told April 6 youth movement through the meetings that has been going on Thursday, February 10, that those who were arrested since Jan. 25th will be released within days, but we are calling for fast release of all detainees to maintain the security in Egypt.

And we're also calling on the armed forces to quickly form a committee to inspect the headquarters of the SSI in Nasr City, especially that there are secret cells in the headquarters ull of innocent people,and we also demand that the bloggers who have been arrested previously by the state security must be released, and investigate those responsible for the charges of violation of the laws and the establishment of these secret prisons for torturing the Egyptian citizens.

April 6 Youth Movement has full faith in our honourable military forces and we are sure that they will release all the innocent victims of our former oppresive regime

April 6 Youth Movement
Egyptian Resistance Movement"

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